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  • One of the leading logistics companies in the UK

  • Enhancing the transportation experience for businesses

  • One of the leading logistics companies in the UK

20 years of experience

JM Global boasts of experience in the logistics industry that surpasses two decades. During those years, we have gained knowledge and insights that have morphed us into a better version of ourselves every day.

Our fleet takes you worldwide

Our fleet covers the entire United Kingdom making sure your products can reach every corner of the island. We are equipped with reliable drivers and staff along with various kinds of vehicles from lorries to trucks. Along with this, we also facilitate international shipments through sea and air, making sure your product is accessible anywhere on Earth.

24/7 customer experience

Our customers are our priority and we are ready to assist you 24/7 every day of the year. Our contact centres are happy to assist you with any inquiry related to your fleet. With our state-of-the-art network, we are able to track the location and status of your goods offering you a 100% transparent logistics solution to help you grow your business.

About Us

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One of the leading logistics companies in the UK

We offer holistic supply chain management solutions across the UK. We are located in the proximity of the Port of Liverpool that offers JM Global Logistics a strategic advantage that will benefit all our clients. We boast of experience over 20 years in the logistics sector in Britain.

Our business is customer-centric where we excel at servicing our clients and we are placed at the top among all freight handling companies in the country. Our state of the art infrastructure and cutting edge technology pushes us ahead of the curb.

We are reputed for our impeccable safety standards and innovative supply chain management techniques which will assure that your goods will be in excellent condition.

We don’t just move your goods from one place to another but we make sure to offer a holistic transportation experience tailor-made to your business as we understand that not every business is the same. JM Global understands your business and caters to its unique and timely needs. Our business system and ethics have carried our brand to where it is today as one of the UK’s top logistics companies.

Our Services

Providing holistic logistics solutions for your business.

Sea and Air Freight

Taking your business, worldwide.
With JM Global, you can transport your goods anywhere across the globe. As we are located closer to the Port of Liverpool, we can transport your good efficiently and easily. 80% of the global trade moves by sea so we understand the importance of excelling sea and air freight. Although this is an expensive method of transporting, we make sure to offer our clients reasonable costs for both sea and air freights.
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Export Packing

Packaging with consideration.
At JM Global, we make sure your goods are packed at the highest quality. We use ISPM 15 Heat Treating Foil Bagging Export Packing at our warehouses to protect your goods and ensure their safety. We understand that is export packing is one of the most important tasks in the export process. We take the climate conditions and stacking pressures and drops and all other possible circumstances to account as well. We use different kinds of blocking material and filling material to make sure your goods remain in the original condition.
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Handling your goods with care.
If you are in need of a warehouse company in the UK, JM Global will have you covered. We are pioneers in warehousing for freight from anywhere in the UK to international destinations. We also provide customised solutions to cater to your unique business needs. Our warehousing process will seamlessly integrate with your operations and systems making sure you get the best service from us. As we have been operating in the industry for over 20 years, our expertise makes sure that your goods are handled with care and safety during warehousing, loading and unloading as well.


Providing safe and quality distribution
We are the leading logistics company in the UK, providing safe and quality distribution of goods. We expertise in Road Freight, Air Freight and Sea Freight. We have been trusted by corporate giants with their goods as we have proven to handle them with care. We ensure timely delivery and a transparent process where you will know exactly where your goods are at any given time. Our fleet is built for transporting various kinds of products so we guarantee you that your goods will remain in their orginal state.

Contact our service team with your transportation requirement.

Our team will assist you in identifying what kind of fleet to use depending on your business and where you want your goods transported to. After we send you our strategy for logistics for your organisation, you can make suggestions and agree on a plan.


Once we confirm what the logistics plan is, our team will develop a timeline on when the goods will be delivered to the specific location required by you.

Depending on the vehicles used, the timeline will differ. Once the timeline is set in place, we will make all necessary arraignments to execute the plan.


We will keep notifying you from the day your goods are on the move. We will send you notifications every time a stop is made that is not mentioned in the itinerary and we will be able to inform you with the exact location of the freight as well.

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Once your goods are delivered, we will send in an invoice,
pre-approved by you to ensure that transparency of our process.

A detailed bill will be sent across to give you a breakdown for everything that is costed. This will pave the path to a healthy relationship and a streamlined process for both parties.


“They maintain very high standards when it comes to Logistics that can’t be matched by the rest. They are excellent in providing tailor-made transportation solutions for each business that is efficient and cost-effective as well. JM Global has a very friendly customer service team that is always happy to help.”
“JM Global has a transparent process that helped my team control our goods while they are away from our warehouses. We are very happy with their services and attention to details that don’t leave any space for mistakes and mishaps. Brilliant service in tracking and notifying us about our fleet.”
“I will be working with JM Global for the foreseeable future. Highly impressed with their work ethics. They went above and beyond their limits to make sure my business was getting the best logistics service in the UK. Keep up the brilliant work ethic and thank you for making the process easier for me and my team.”
“JM Global offers a level of expertise that cannot be matched by other companies. They have a very dedicated and passionate team looking after your goods and making sure its in the best quality while being transported. Supply chain management was done impeccably. Love to work with them.”

JM Global is one of the leading logistics companies in the UK.

We handle your goods with the utmost care holding our standards high. We deliver holistic supply chain management solutions, tailor-made to your business needs.

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